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Clojure is a simple, powerful and fun language to develop any and all applications. It has a simple syntax that is quick to learn and a wide range of libraries to build any kind of apps and services.

Clojure is a hosted language and runs on many platforms including Java Virtual Machine, GraalVM, Microsoft.Net, JavaScript engines. Simle host language interoperability provides access to libraries from a wide range of programming languages.

Practicalli Clojure takes a hands on approach to learning to code with Clojure. The REPL is the Clojure interactive environment used to create an run all code. You will quickly get a feel for Clojure by evaluating, breaking, fixing and extending code in the REPL, all the while getting instant feedback on what your code is doing.

As we work through code we will discuss the concepts behind Clojure, including functional programming, "pure" functions and a stateless approach with persistent data structures, changing state safely, Java interoperability and tooling around Clojure.

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Discussions and feedback

Contributions are welcome via GitHub issues and pull requests, or discuss the book on the Clojurians Slack community.

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Book re-write in progress

A re-write of this book is currently underway, so things may change and move around.

Last published: Wed Jul 01 2020 18:05:25 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Quote: Adrian Cockcroft. Cloud Architect, Netflix

"A lot of the best programmers and the most productive programmers I know are writing everything in Clojure and swearing by it, and then just producing ridiculously sophisticated things in a very short time. And that programmer productivity matters." Adrian Cockcroft - Battery ventures, formally Cloud Architect, Netflix

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