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Book refresh in progress - November 2018

A refresh of the contents of this book is currently underway, so things will change around quite a lot. Please use the search box in the top left corner to find topics if they are not obvious from the left hand navigation.

Only the sections up to Development Tools are mostly complete, consider everything else a work in progress.

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Clojure is a simple, powerful and fun language to develop any and all applications. It has a simple syntax that is quick to learn and a wide range of Clojure libraries to build any kind of apps and services. Its also easy to use any existing Java / JVM Language code or libraries as part of your Clojure apps.

In this workshop we take a hands on approach where everyone takes Clojure code and experiments with it using the REPL (interactive runtime environment). You will quickly get a feel for Clojure by evaluating, breaking, fixing and extending code in the REPL, all the while getting instant feedback on what your code is doing.

As we work through code we will discuss the concepts behind Clojure, including functional programming, "pure" functions and a stateless approach with persistent data structures, changing state safely, Java interoperability and tooling around Clojure.

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Supporting Resources


Learning Clojure

Hint There are over 20 excellent books published on Clojure that go into detailed theory behind the language


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