Configure Clojure CLI tools

Clojure CLI tools are configured using a deps.edn file, written using extensible data notation (edn), the language that is used to define the structure of Clojure itself.

Levels of configuration

Clojure CLI Tools - deps.edn configuration order of precedence

Configuration Description
Command line arguments string or edn arguments passed to the clojure command
project/deps.edn Project specific configuration: paths, dependencies, aliases
.clojure/deps.edn User level configuration that will apply to all projects
CLI tools install Dependency for the Clojure standard library and built-in :deps aliases

The installation of Clojure CLI tools has a built-in configuration that contains a dependency for the Clojure standard library, effectively setting the default version of Clojure so the Clojure CLI tools can run.

.clojure/deps.edn is a user level configuration that will apply to all projects used by the operating system user account. practicalli/clojure-deps-edn is an example configuration that contains a set of unique aliases to ensure that common tools are available in every Clojure project.

Clojure CLI Tools built-in deps aliases

The :deps alias is used as the root of all built-in commands in the Clojure CLI tools.

deps aliases Description
clojure -X:deps tree download dependencies & print dependency tree, indenting libraries that are dependencies of dependencies
clojure -X:deps mvn-pom generate / update pom.xml with the dependencies and class path for the current project
clojure -X:deps git-resolve-tags update deps.edn git based dependencies that used tags with the equivalent SHA commit values
clojure -X:deps mvn-install :jar '"/path/to.jar"' install a given jar file into the local maven repository, eg. ~/.m2/repository

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