Practicalli user level deps.edn configuration

Configuration sections

Configuration is defined using a hash-map with the following top-level keys:

  • :deps - library dependencies
  • :paths - directories to search for code and resources (Java classpath)
  • :aliases - to define optional paths, deps and namespaces
  • :mvn/repos - library dependency sources (e.g. Clojars, Maven, Artifactory, etc).

practicalli/clojure-deps-edn adds common aliases and tools

practicalli/clojure-deps-edn provides aliases for a wide range of tools to support Clojure software development.

Scope of configuration files

~/.clojure/deps.edn is user scope and is available with all the projects a specific developer works with.

project-directory/deps.edn is for project specific configuration, shared by anyone using the project.

The project deps.edn is merged into the ~/.clojure/deps.edn, replacing any keys that are the same with project specific values. The exception is the :paths key, where only the last one found is used (they are not combined).

You can use the -Sverbose option to see all of the actual directory locations.

clojure -Sverbose

Example of a deps.edn configuration.


  :deps {
    org.clojure/clojure {:mvn/version "1.10.1"}

  :aliases {
    :test {:extra-paths ["test"]}

    {:extra-deps {seancorfield/clj-new {:mvn/version "1.0.199"}}
     :main-opts  ["-m" "clj-new.create"]}

  :mvn/repos {
    "central" {:url ""}
    "clojars" {:url ""}

Clojure Tools install sets Clojure version

A default version of Clojure is set by the Clojure tools install, enabling the clojure command to know what version of Clojure library to use. This version will be over-ridden by the user or project specific deps.edn configuration files if set.


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