Portal - navigate your data

New Projects

Portal is a new project so things may change rapidly, please see the djblue/portal repository for the latest information

Portal is a new project that allows exploration of Clojure data, using a browser window to visualise and inspect Clojure, JSON and Transit data.

Portal - explore your Clojure data

Portal as a deps.edn alias

practicalli/clojure-deps-edn contains the :inspector-portal alias that run a Reveal repl with data browser.

  • inspector-portal-cli - Clojure CLI (simplest approach)
  • inspector-portal-web - Web ClojureScript REPL
  • inspector-portal-node - node ClojureScript REPL

Run a REPL with Portal dependencies

Run a REPL in a terminal and include the Portal library, using the Clojure CLI tools

clojure -M:inspector-portal-cli

Starting Portal in the REPL

(require '[portal.api :as portal]) once the REPL starts. For inspector-portal-web use (require '[portal.web :as portal]) instead

(portal/open) to open the web based inspector window in a browser.

Using Portal to inspect data

(portal/tap)to add portal as a tap target (add-tap)

(tap> {:accounts [{:name "jen" :email "jen@jen.com"} {:name "sara" :email "sara@sara.com"}]}) to send data to the portal inspector window (or any other data you wish to send)

(portal/clear) to clear all values from the portal inspector window.

Close Portal

(portal/close) to close the inspector window.

See the Portal project readme for more details and examples.

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