Clojure CLI Tools

Clojure CLI tools provide a simple and configurable way to:

  • Run Clojure programs and tools
  • Run an interactive REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) and evaluate Clojure expressions, usually with a Clojure aware editor
  • Managing dependencies (via tools.deps) from Maven and Git repositories

Using community tools on top of Clojure CLI tools provides tasks to create, develop, build and deploy Clojure applications and services

Install Clojure CLI Tools

Tools Description
Java 11 Clojure is a hosted language and Clojure tools runs on the Java virtual machine. Java 11, the current long term support version is recommended.
Clojure CLI Tools Essential tools for Clojure development and running Clojure applications
Community tools Curated aliases for community tools and common development tasks
Code analysis A lint tool for avoiding syntax bugs and supporting idiomatic code
Editors Spacemacs (Emacs), Calva (VS Code), Conjure (vim), Chlorine ( and Cursive (IntelliJ) provided a complete Clojure development environment

Other tools

The Clojure Inspector provides a simple GUI tool to show to show the result from evaluating Clojure code.

The REBL data browser show the results in a GUI of any Clojure code that is evaluated as you are developing.

Other development tools

Leiningen has been a very common tool to create and run projects, as well as building assets (jars) for deployment. All the code examples in this book should work with Leiningen when a correctly configured project.clj file is created. This guide should also work for boot build tools, although contains no specific details.

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