Exercism is a learning platform that combining coding challenges and mentors who review and advise on your solutions.

Exercises are downloaded to your computer, so you can use your preferred development tools to create the solutions.

Clojure Track

All the challenges are groups into specific language tracks, including the Clojure track

Join the language track and select either mentored mode or practice mode.

Cloure code challenges - Exercism Clojure track

In mentored mode your solutions are added to the mentors dashboard for review from any of the available mentors. In practice mode you can complete as many solutions as you wish without waiting for a mentor.

Cloure code challenges - Exercism Clojure track

Getting Started - exercism CLI

Select an exercise and follow the Get started guide to download and install the exercism tool. This tool will download the project code and submit solutions back to the Exercism web site.

Clojure code challenges - Exercism getting started

Use the Exercism tool to download a Leinignen project for the exercise

exercism download --exercise=exercise-name --track=clojure

Open the project in your preferred Clojure editor and write a solution to solve the tests in the exercise. Run the tests using Leiningen in the command line, using lein test or the test runner in your editor.

Once the tests pass and you are happy with the solution, submit it to the Exercism website

exercism submit /path/to/src-file


The mentors on the Exercism website will provide a review of your submissions and you can switch between mentorship and practice modes as you prefer.

practicalli/exercism-clojure-guides contains the design journal and solution to several Clojure exercises.

Ask for advice in the #exercism or #beginners channels of the Clojurians Slack community.

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