Clojure from the Author

A series of important videos from Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure who spent over 2 years designing Clojure around the concept of simplicity

You do not need to watch these videos to start coding in Clojure, but they are very useful to adopt the approach and design idioms that make Clojure a highly effective language for software development.

Clojure made simple

Covers the major problems with software development and the challenges most programming languages fail to tackle completely.

Discusses a simple approach to software development and the big picture view of how Clojure solves these problems

Simplicity Matters

A quote from the video:

"I'll contend that you will completely be dominated by complexity. I don't care what processes you are using, I don't care how well you test or anything else. Complexity will dominate what you do." TODO: A better summary of video

Expert to Expert: Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman - Inside Clojure

Discussing some of the key characteristics of the Clojure language and why those decisions were taken

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