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Kata - recent song list



https://github.com/jr0cket/numbers-to-words Leiningen project - runs tests using Clojure CLI tool

Note: Even if the project is managed by Leiningen, if the tests are organised in a standard way, then it seems possible to run the tests using Clojure CLI. So running the command kaocha in the Leiningen project will run the tests okay. However, if you are using Leiningen to run the tests, you do need to included the dependencies in project.clj.

codewars challenges

rock paper scissors https://github.com/practicalli/codewars-guides/tree/develop/rock-paper-scissors

deps.edn projects

Sean Corfield - user manager

https://github.com/seancorfield/usermanager-example User manager has some tests we can run with the test runner.

:test alias includes the test path and a dependency for the h2database

cognitect labs test runner included in the project deps.edn file as :runner

clojure -A:test:runner will run the Cogitect Labs runner and include the dependecy to run the in-menory database used for the tests.

Using koacha

just adding a test.edn is not sufficient for this project, as the h2dependency is also needed.

Create a bin/koacha script and add the extra alias

#!/usr/bin/env bash
clojure -A:test:test-runner-kaocha "$@"

This is failing when using the profiler cli argument, try with profiler added to the test.edn file - same results, one failing test. Perhaps this is a time sensitive test and profiler trips it up.

status monitor


Status monitor is a Leiningen project. Include a :kaocha profile in the project.clj file, adding the koacha dependency. a :kaocha alias sets the main namespace and uses the kaocha profile.

  {:dev    {:dependencies [[javax.servlet/servlet-api "2.5"]
                           [ring/ring-mock "0.3.2"]]}
   :kaocha {:dependencies [[lambdaisland/kaocha "1.0.632"]]}}
  :aliases {"kaocha" ["with-profile" "+kaocha" "run" "-m" "kaocha.runner"]}

lein kaocha will run all the tests

Adding deps.edn to status monitor project

Need to add a -main function to the project for deps.edn as the project was using Leiningen ring plugin to run


Leiningen projects https://github.com/practicalli/exercism-clojure-guides

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