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Requires major development and will undergo a re-write in the later part of 2018

This workshop is aimed at those new to writing client-side web applications using the ClojureScript programming language, a functional programming language based on Lisp and compiled to JavaScript.

ClojureScript and client side development are covered in a highly practical way, so you can evaluate where ClojureScript is useful in your own projects.

This workshop guides you through the basics of client-side web development and functional programming in ClojureScript. Design approaches common to ClojureScript & React will be covered along the way.

Please help the development of this workshop by leaving comments on anything that does not work, does not make sense or any ideas and topics that you think are missing.

The contents of this book has been written with markdown and is available via a Github repository and of course pull requests are welcome.


See the setup section for details on how to get your environment ready

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