Including Ring in the Namespace

Include the Ring library in the todo-list.core namespace

Delete all the code in src/todo_list/core.clj and replace it with the following code, adding the ring adaptor for Jetty to our project.

(ns todo-list.core
  (:require [ring.adapter.jetty :as jetty]))

This expression defines the current namespace as todo-list.core, providing a scope for all the functions and data structures we define within it.

The :require expression makes the ring.adaptor.jetty namespace accessible within the todo-list.core namespace. We can now call any of the public functions in the ring.adaptor.jetty namespace. We defined an alias called jetty, so we can call the run-jetty function using jetty/run-jetty rather than the fully qualified namespace of ring.adaptor.jetty/run-jetty

Using :require we can add one or more libraries to our namespace. We can also use the :as keyword to specify a short-hand way of refering to a library. You can specify any valid Clojure name for a namespace alias, however please consider the readability of your code and choose a meaningful alias.

Later in the workshop we will show other options for including functions from other namespaces.

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