Test the wrap-reload middleware

Lets make a change to the welcome function code then test that it automatically reloads.

Run the reloading webserver again.

If your server is still running, kill it first using Ctrl-c keyboard shortcut. Then run the server again, this time with the new code using the same command as before:

lein run 8000

When you make changes to the welcome function you should no longer need to restart your server (unless you manage to crash Jetty).

You still need to restart the server if you change the main function or add dependencies (librarires) to your project.

Change the default response text

Open your app in the browser http://localhost:8000. Then make a change to the code in welcome function, alterning the text of the body in the default request.

(defn welcome
  "A function to process all requests for the web server.  If a request is for something other than / then an error message is returned"
  (if (= "/" (:uri request))
    {:status 200
     :body "<h1>Hello, Clojure World</h1>  
            <p>Welcome to your first Clojure app, I now update automatically</p>"
     :headers {}}
    {:status 404
     :body "<h1>This is not the page you are looking for</h1> 
            <p>Sorry, the page you requested was not found!></p>"
     :headers {}}))

Save the code change and refresh your browser, you should now see the updated message.

The project so far

The code and configuration we have created so far are in the clojure-webapps-example github repository, specifically the branch called 03-middleware-in-ring

If something is not working or you want to speed up, simply clone the project into a new directory using the command:

git clone https://github.com/practicalli/clojure-webapps-example

Once you have cloned the project, checkout the 03-middleware-in-ring branch

git checkout 03-middleware-in-ring

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