Relational Databases and SQL

Under active development - July 2020


This guide will use the following relational databases

  • H2 database - lightweight in-process database that writes to disk, easily added for a fast and simple dev environment.
  • Postgresql - open source, feature rich and production grade database (defacto production choice)

Interesting databases in the Clojure spaces include Datomic and Crux.

Other persistent storage approach include

  • Amazon RDS
  • Redis
  • RocksDB is a high performance embedded persistent key-value store with fast storage writes (fork of Google's LevelDB)
  • CockroachDB an elastic, indestructible SQL database for developers building modern applications
  • yugabyteDB open source, cloud native relational DB for powering global, internet-scale apps.

Database drivers

Database drivers for commonly used database

Database drivers may require a minimum version of Java, so consider Java 8 as the minimum version and Java 11 as the recommended version (until a new long term support version of Java is release).

see database support at (is this up to date?)

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