Reading your Project configuration

Information about our Clojure project is contained within our project.clj file. We can read in this file and check the project information in that way.

The slurp function reads in the contents of a file or content from a web page / URL.

Note Read the Clojure project.clj file using the slurp function

(slurp "project.clj")

The output of slurping the project file should similar to the following

Output of slupring the project file

Note Tidy up the result of the slurp value using the function read-string

(read-string (slurp "project.clj"))

Output of slupring the project file

Just the project version

Really we just want to get the project version, not all the information. As a list is returned from slurp and read-string then we can simply wrap a function around the first two functions to get the value we want

The nth funtion takes the data structure as the first argument and the element number (starting from zero) as the second argument.

Note Use the nth function with read-string and slurp to select the element we actually want.

(nth (read-string (slurp "project.clj")) 2)

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