Leiningen Build tool

Leiningen - automating Clojure projects

leiningen.org (pronounced line-ing-en) is a very powerful build automation tool for automating Clojure projects. With Leiningen you can:

  • Create Clojure Projects with templates
  • Define and manage dependencies
  • Run an interactive Clojure environment (REPL)
  • Run unit tests using Clojure.test
  • Run your Clojure application
  • Create a deployable Clojure application, as Java Jar file
  • Deploy a Clojure library to a remote repository

Leiningen - build automation for Clojure

Install Leiningen

Download the install script from leiningen.org and run the Leiningen script in a terminal

On Linux and MacOSX, make the script executable first

chmod a+x lein

Hint I put the lein script in ~/bin directory which is part of my operating system execution path ($PATH). To include the ~/bin directory in the system path, I add the following code to the ~/.profile file

Testing Leiningen is working

Test that Leiningen is installed with the following command

lein version

Output should look similar to:

Leiningen 2.6.1 on Java 9-internal OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

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