Other Development tools for Clojure

There are several development tools you can use to support your Clojure development.

My current choice of development environment is Spacemacs, a feature rich configuration for Emacs. See my article on Spacemacs for Clojure development

Some common setups I have seen in use for Clojure development are:

There may be many more variations, however you should find a development environment with at minimum the following features:

  • starting & using a REPL, with in-line evaluation
  • syntax highlighting & coloured brackets (eg. rainbow-delimiters in Emacs)
  • autocomplete of names (functions, symbols, keywords, etc)
  • snippets / templates

Tools for developers with a Java background

Clojure runs on the Java Virtual Machine so its not surprising that there is good support for Clojure in the major Java IDEs.


Counterclockwise is an Eclipse IDE plugin to provide an integrated development environment for Clojure. Take a look at the Counterclockwise documentation site for installation instructions


Cursive Clojure

Cursive is a Clojure IDE that aims to understands your code. Advanced structural editing, refactorings, VCS integration and much more, all out of the box. It is currently a standalone tool, although will eventually become an IntelliJ plugin.

La Clojure is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. Provides Clojure language support: syntax and error highlighting, completion, navigation and refactorings.


Netbeans did have great support for Clojure, but unfortunately at the time of writing the Clojure plugin has been unmaintained for so long it is not a viable tool to use for Cojure development.

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