Create a custom template

fixme The following instructions currently reslut in a broken template, missing version, so this section is under investigation.

Note Create a template that customises the REPL prompt that changes the welcome message you see when the REPL first starts, as well as changing the prompt to output a message followed by the current namespace

Create a new project as a base for the template

Create a new project with leiningen

lein new app lein-app-custom-prompt

Edit the project.clj file in the root of the new project and add the :repl-optionscustomisation.

:repl-options {
    prompt (fn [ns] (str "You are hacking in " ns "=> " ))
    :welcome (println "Its  REPL time!")}

When you run lein repl inside the project, the prompt should now look like:

Customised Clojure REPL prompt with welcome message

Create a new template

Add the Leining plugin called lein-create-template to your user-wide profile by adding the following line to the file ~/.lein/profiles.clj

{:user {:plugins [[lein-create-template "0.1.1"]]}}

The file should look similar to the following, depending on which other plugins are already added:

Leiningen profiles - lein-create-template

Inside the new project you created as a base for you template, run the command

lein create-template hack-prompt

lein install 

Leiningen - install template

lein new hack-prompt my-new-project

fixme something has gone wrong with the creation of the template, missing a version number. Check the files created in the original project and in the ~/.m2 directory. I wonder if it is because the original project had a snapshot for the version.

Hint I created further customisations to the prompt in the article add colour to your clojure repl

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