Reader Macros

This is a collection of reader macros (think syntactic sugar) that are valid in Clojure. These macros are useful for commenting out expressions, defining sets, ...

All reader macros start with the character #, which is infact the Dispatch macro that tells the Clojure reader (the thing that takes a file of Clojure text and parses it for consumption in the compiler) to go and look at another read table for the definition of the next character - in essence this allows extending default reader behaviour.

  • #_ - Discard macro - ignore the next expression. Often used to comment out code, especially when nested inside other expressions
  • #' - Var macro - returns the reference to the var. Used to pass the definition of something rather than the result of evaluating it.

There is a nice list of reader macros in the article: The weird and wondreful characters of Clojure by @kouphax.

Hint Reader macros are part of the Clojure language specification, so are different to macros, which can be defined by anyone.

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