Simple project - Salary Calculator

In this section we will use Leiningen to create a new Clojure project. This project will be a simple salary calculator and have the following features:

  • Given an annual salary, show the hourly, daily weekly, monthly value
  • Given an hourly rate, show the approximate perminat salary its equivalent to

    We will use an editor in combination with the REPL to develop the Clojure code, so you will need to start up your prefered editor (eg. LightTable, Emacs, SublimeText, etc.

Complete project also in Git

If you prefer not to type in all the code, there is a complete project available at the Devoxx-Clojure-Code Github repository.

Clone the repository with the command git clone

Each section is committed to a seperate branch so you can see the project incrementally unfold. Branches can be listed with the command git branch and you switch to a branch using the command git checkout name-of-branch.

If you wish to merge a branch into master, checkout the master branch and use the command git merge name-of-branch

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