Create a project

Note Create a project called salary-calculator using Leinging

lein new salary-calculator

This creates a new directory with the name of the project. We did not specify a project template, so Leiningen just used the default template.

Create the Salary Calculator project with Leiningen

Viewing the Clojure project structure

Change into the directory created by Leiningen and view the directory structure (here we use the command tree, you can use a file manager or editor if you prefer).

Directory tree of salary-calculator project

Hint Clojure uses Kebab-case for its naming conventions (think of a shish-kebab), however the Java runtime does not like minus symbol, -, in directory or file names. Therefore as there is a - symbol in the project name, Leiningen automatically changes the directory name to use the underscore _ symbol instead.

Version the project with Git (optional)

Hint If you have already cloned the project from Github, skip this step

Even when experimenting with a new language its good to put your code into version control, so you can experiment freely and go back to alternative ideas.

Note Run the following Git commands within the root of the Clojure project (the directory containing project.clj)

git init

git add .

git commit -m "Clojure project created with Leiningen default template"

Command output should look similar to the following:

Version project with Git

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