Testing with clojure.test

clojure.test is a test library that is already part of Clojure and test package hierarchy is typically created (e.g. when generating Clojure projects with Leiningen).

As with other unit testing libraries you use clojure.test to write test. These tests are defined as functions that contain one or more assertions.

As a general guideline, a Clojure test function should test a specific Clojure function.

What to test

Your unit tests should cover at least all of the public functions within each namespace, so the contract / api for each namespace is testable and will highlight obvious regressions.

As clojure.spec becomes mature, you should also consider using generative testing approach to broaden the test data used to test your functions.

Writing an assertion

   (= 42 (* 6 7)))

Assertions use the is function with an expression that returns true (assertion passed) or false (assertion failed)

Defining a test

deftest is used to define a function that will test a similarly named function from the src tree. By convention, the function name and namespaces should be the same, except for adding -test to the namespace and testing function.

The testing function allows you to group one or more assertions

(deftest adder-test
  (testing "Using a range of numbers to test the adder"
    #_(is (= 0 1))
    (is (= (+ 1 2) (adder 1 2)) "Adding 1 and 2")
    (is (= (+ 1 -2) (adder 1 -2)) "Adding 1 and -2")
    #_(is (not (= (+ 1 2)) (adder "a" "b")) "Adding strings as negative test")
    (is (false? (= 0 1)) "A simple failing test")
    (is (false? (= 0 (adder 3 4))) "Purposefully using failing data")))

Including namespaces

clojure.test needs to be included in the namespace in order to use the functions that namespace provides. Its common to specify [clojure.test :refer :all] which makes all the functions available as if they were defined in the current namespace.

The namespace that is under test also needs to be included and again is typically just pulled in completely into the testing namespace. The testing namespace typically matches the namespace you are testing, with just the addition of -test to the name.

(ns my-clojure-app.core-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]
            [my-clojure-app.core :refer :all]))

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