Tic-tac-toe: Create project

Create a project called tictactoe-reagent

Use Leiningen build tool to create a new Clojurescript project, using the figwheel project template.

lein new figwheel tictactoe-reagent -- --reagent

Create project with leiningen: tic-tac-toe-reagent

Project structure

The project created should have the following files and directories

Project structure for tic-tac-toe-reagent

You can use any command line or graphical file browser to view the project structure.

Figwheel template & options

The figwheel template for Leiningen creates a basic Clojurescript project driven by Figwheel.

The figwheel template takes several options, --reagent, --rum and --om, each of which creates a basic project with the respective libraries.

The -- between the project name and --reagent option ensures this option is passed to the template, rather than being passed to Leiningen itself.

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