Before You Start with Spacemacs and Clojure development

Install Emacs

Spacemacs is a communiy driven configuration for Emacs, so you need to install Emacs before you can use Spacemacs.

Minimum Emacs Version - 26.3

This guide used the develop version of Spacemacs which recommends Emacs 26.3 or greater

Install Java

Clojure is a hosted language, so requires a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), provided by installing the Java JRE or Java SDK. Practicalli recommends OpenJDK 11 (LTS) from AdoptOpenJDK

Install Clojure

This guide is changing to use the Clojure CLI tools and deps.edn projects. The guide will also use clj-new to create Clojure projects.

Previously this guide used Leiningen as the project automation tool for Clojure. Leiningen is a very common tool that will help you create and run projects, as well as create build assets (jars) for deployment. This guide should also work for boot build tools, although contains no specific details.

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