Recommended Command Line Tools

Emacs uses several external command line tools. There are some very efficient search tools that are recommended (ripgrep, silver searcher).

Consider installing these tools to enhance your Spacemacs experience.

Search tool

Searching in buffers or across projects used an external search tool and grep or awk are usually available in most operating systems by default.

ripgrep (rg) and silver-searcher (ag) are recommended as they are far more efficient and have more features. Either tool is recommended over grep or awk.

ripgrep is recommended by Practicalli unless there is a specific feature you require that is only in silver searcher.

Spacemacs will use ripgrep over silversearcher if both are installed. dotspacemacs-search-tools '("rg" "ag" "pt" "ack" "grep") in .spacemacs defines the search tool order of preference.

See the respective install guides for these tools:

Locate files with helm-locate

The locate binary is used by SPC f L (helm-locate) to find files and directories on the operating system filespace.

Operating system Install
Ubuntu / Debian sudo apt install locate
Homebrew brew install findutils

fd - a better find tool

fd is a faster and easier to use alternative to the find command line tool.

spell check tool

The spell-checking layer in Spacemacs supports ispell, hunspell, and aspell command line tools

Aspell is the recommended spell checking tool:

  • Aspell or brew install aspell

A spell checking binary is usually installed on Unix systems by default.

Clojure Linter - clj-kondo

clj-kondo provides live linting when developing with the Clojure language and is highly recommended.

Use the practcialli/spacemacs.d configuration or see Install Clojure section for details on how to use clj-kondo with Spacemacs.

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