Refactor Clojure Code

clj-refactor provides refactoring support for Clojure projects.

We will cover the most commonly used refactor commands, there is also a full list of refactorings on the clj-refactor wiki.

clj-refactor is included in the Clojure layer, so when ever you are working with a Clojure or Clojurescript file the refactor functions are available.

The clj-refactor functions are available via

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil
SPC m r M-RET r C-c C-f , r

The top level clj-refactor menu is as follows:

Spacemacs Clojure menu - refactor

Multiple refactoring with Hydra and clj-refactor

You can run multiple refactor functions using the Hydra menu for clj-refactor. The hydra menu stays open allowing you to use the two character nemonic for each refactor.

The hydra version of the clj-refactor menu is available via C-c C-f h h.

clj-refactor hydra menu


Spacemacs clj-refactor configuration

All functions in clj-refactor have a two-letter mnemonic shortcut. E.g. rs for cljr-rename-symbol.

The configuration for clj-refactor is in the file ~/.emacs.d/layers/+lang/clojure/packages.el. The specific clj-refactor configuratoin is in the clojure/init-clj-refactor function.

The most relevant configuration is the keybindings prefix, which for spacemacs is c-c C-f.

(cljr-add-keybindings-with-prefix "C-c C-f")

The Spacemacs nemonic menu is defined in the clj-refactor--key-binding-prefixes list. These are the menu options when you press SPC

      (setq clj-refactor--key-binding-prefixes
            '(("mr" . "refactor")
              ("mra" . "add")
              ("mrc" . "cycle/clean")
              ("mrd" . "destructure")
              ("mre" . "extract/expand")
              ("mrf" . "find/function")
              ("mrh" . "hotload")
              ("mri" . "introduce/inline")
              ("mrm" . "move")
              ("mrp" . "project/promote")
              ("mrr" . "remove/rename/replace")
              ("mrs" . "show/sort/stop")
              ("mrt" . "thread")
              ("mru" . "unwind/update")))

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