Start a new Clojure REPL

Spacemacs can start a REPL for the current Clojure project, calling out to the Clojure CLI tools (deps.edn), Leiningen (project.clj) or Boot ( based on which configuration file is found in the root of the project. A prompt is displayed if there are multiple configuration files to choose from.

You can run the following types of REPL's

  • cider-jack-in-clj for Clojure on the JVM
  • cider-jack-in-cljs for a ClojureScript REPL
  • cider-jack-in-clj&cljs for both the above (full stack)

Open or select a Clojure buffer, this can be an .edn, .clj, .cljc or .cljs file.

Key bindings Description
, ' or , m s start a REPL, selecting the type

Once the REPL starts, evaluate expressions using the source code buffer.

Most used REPL keybindings

Key bindings Command
, ' or , m s start a REPL, selecting the type (sesman-start)
, m b browse active REPL's (sesman-browse)
, m i show information about the current REPL (sesman-info)
, m q r restart the REPL, quit and jack-in. (cider-restart)
, m q q quit the REPL (cider-quit)
, e n refresh stale code and load new code into the REPL (cider-ns-refresh)
, e N force reload the current namespaces in the REPL (cider-ns-reload)

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