Switching to the REPL

Although a REPL buffer is created it is not displayed by default.

My typical workflow is to evaluate functions and expressions within the Clojure code buffer itself.

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil Command Description
SPC m s s M-RET s s C-c C-z , s s cider-switch-to-repl-buffer Switch to REPL buffers (when in a code buffer)
SPC m s s M-RET s s C-c C-z , s s cider-switch-to-last-clojure-buffer Switch to last active Clojure code buffer (when in REPL buffer)
SPC m s S * M-RET s S * C-c M-n , s S * cider-repl-set-ns * Proposed change: Select a namespace and switch to it.
SPC m s o M-RET s o C-c M-o , s o cider-repl-switch-to-other Switch between CLJ & CLJS REPLs in current project
  • I've proposed a change to create a new menu entry for switching the repl to the current namespace of the code buffer, cider-repl-set-ns: S - cider-repl-set-ns

Switching between Code & REPL

You can toggle between a Clojure code buffer and a REPL buffer with M-RET s s. As this is the same binding for both switching to a REPL and switching to the last code buffer, this enables you to toggle between the two quickly.

The Emacs keybinding

Select the REPL namespace

When in a Clojure code buffer you can switch the namespace of the REPL using cider-repl-set-ns.

With the REPL buffer active, cider-repl-set-ns will display a pop-up buffer and list all the available namespaces.

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