Create a Clojure Project

Clojure projects are typically created with the Clojure build automation tool called Leiningen.

You can create a new Leiningen project by switching to a terminal window or using a shell within an Emacs buffer.

Command Line Terminal

Open a terminal app and run one of the following Leiningen commands. The first command uses the default template, the second command will use the specified template to create the project.

lein new project-name

lein new template-name project-name

eshell - The Emacs Shell

Emacs can run a shell inside a buffer window so you never have to leave Emacs. See the next section on using Emacs shell to configure and use a shell, including the use of other shells such as zsh.

Adding files to your project

See the section on adding a new file when you need to add more namespaces to your project.

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