Using emacs eshell or multi-term

Run a command line terminal in a buffer using the command SPC SPC eshell or M-x eshell.

All the commands available on your usual command line terminal are available in eshell. To close the shell you can use the command exit.

Adding the eshell layer

eshell is available by adding the shell layer to dotspacemacs-configuration-layers section of ~/.spacemacs.

Calling the eshell command will prompt to install the shell package if its not currently added.

Using a popup buffer for the shell

Spacemacs includes a pop-up window for the terminal using the command:

Spacemacs Emacs
SPC ' M-m '

The shell popup is configured in the dotspacemacs-configure-layers section of the ~/.spacemacs file.

Include the shell-default-position in the shell variables for the shell layer. The height of this popup is defined by the shell-default-height shell variable, which defines the percentage of the Spacemacs frame it uses.

(shell :variables
       shell-default-height 30
       shell-default-position 'bottom)

Configure shell to use multi-term

To configure Spacemacs to use multi-term instead of eshell, add the shell-default-shell variables to the shell layer in the ~/.spacemacs file.

Here is an example with the multi-term shell set, along with popup size and location

     (shell :variables
            shell-default-shell 'multi-term
            shell-default-height 30
            shell-default-position 'bottom)

M-m ' now opens a shell buffer as a popup at the bottom of Spacemacs, with a hight of 30 percent of the Spacemacs frame.

Configure multi-term to use zsh

I have zsh configured for my terminal window which uses prezto as its configuration. This gives me a lot of features I would otherwise miss in the Emacs shell.

In the ~/.spacemacs file, add the following line to the function dotspacemacs/user-config

(setq multi-term-program "/usr/bin/zsh")

Save ~/.spacemacs file and reload the configuration, either with SPC f e R or by restarting Spacemacs.

Spacemacs Shell - Multiterm zsh

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