Editing tools

Spacemacs has many tools you can use to boost editing of code and documentation.

Tools Description
Vim modal editing Vim Basics
Visual select state Techiques on selecting text
Evil Normal state Evil Basics and Evil Quick Reference
iedit state Concurrent find and replace of a search text in a buffer
Narrowing Selective editing of a buffer (region, function)
Multiple cursors Using multiple editors to change multiple lines at once
Evil tools Using iedit / narrowing / helm for managing multiple changes across the project

Refactor code tools

The Refactor section has further editing techniques and Clojure specific refactoring tools.

Evil editing states

Spacemacs States

Evil normal is the default state and where you should spend most of your time.

, menu contains the major mode (e.g. Clojure) specific commands, organised mnemonically

v opens the visual state and allows you to selects text

i, a, o, O opens insert state and allows you to create type text

SPC s e opens iedit and selects all matching instances of the highlighted text for editing

SPC k opens Lisp state, allowing you to do structured editing

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