Inspect Clojure

You can see the value of a value in clojure using inspection, SPC d i

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect value - java.lang.Long

Inspecting Collections

When you inspect a collection you see the last evaluated value of that collection.

Here is the result of inpsecting a simple persistent map - {:name "John" :coding "Clojure" :tool "Spacemacs"}

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect persistent map

And if there are collections within collections then those values are shown too

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect persistent map with vector

Inspecting mutable values

This should be were lots of fun is. Inspecting an atom or ref and having a buffer watching the changing values.

Unfortunately it seems you need to inspect the value each time using SPC d i.

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