Inspect Clojure

, d v opens a cider inspector buffer showing the value of the current think under the point.

q to quit the cider inspector buffer

Inspecting simple values

Inpecting a number or character shows the underlying type, the value and properties of that type

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect value - java.lang.Long

Inspecting Collections

Inspect a collection shows the underlying type, contents of that collection and index (where applicable)

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect persistent map

And if there are collections within collections then those values are shown too

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect persistent map with vector

Inspecting mutable values

Stateful containers, atom, ref, can also be inspected. The value of

Spacemacs - Clojure - Inspect atom containing a vector

Inspecting an atom or ref gives the value at the current time. The inspector does not update if the value of the atom or ref is updated. , d v to inspect the value and see if it has changed.

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