Evaluating a Namespace

To evaluate the whole namespace of a Clojure file, select the buffer containing the clojure file and evaluate the buffer. This will read all the expressions from top to bottom and show the result in the mini-buffer

You can also select a region of the code, C-SPC, and evaluate that region. This is useful for evaluating several expressions at once, which will again be evaluated top to bottom, without having to evaluate the whole buffer. Selecting a whole buffer and evaluating the region is the same as evaluating the buffer.

Spacemacs Major mode Emacs Evil Command
SPC m e b M-RET e b C-c C-k , m e b cider-eval-buffer
SPC m e r M-RET e r C-c C-r , m e r cider-eval-region

Note With the src/spacemacs-worshop/core.clj file open, evaluate the whole namespace

The results of print or println expressions are sent to the REPL buffer.

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