To work with repositories or gists on, add the github layer to your ~/.spacemacs configuration file and reload your configuration SPC f e R or restart Spacemacs, SPC q r.

Most commands are already available via the Magit menu, SPC g

Spacemacs Git menu

Browsing and cloning remote repositories is via the Git Github menu, SPC g h.

Spacemacs Git menu

And there is a specific menu for Cloning remote Github repositories.

Spacemacs Git menu

Working with remote Git repositories

You can push changes to any repositories your local git repository is connected to.

Sharing pieces of code with Gists

Github Gists are really useful when you want to share a piece of code or configuration without setting up or sharing a complete a git project. Rather than copy & paste into a Github Gists website, you can create a Gist from any Spacemacs buffer with a single command.

Spacemacs Git menu

Connecting to your Github account

Determine correct location of personal token

Confirm if ~/.gitconfig or .authinfo is the right file for personal token

It seems that Ghub is used now by Magit to connect to Github via its API (including GraphQL) Spacemacs should generate the token for you and add it to your Github account, after prompting you for username, password and 2FA. The personal token is saved in the ~/.authinfo. I will remove the token from .gitconfig and test. The following section needs updating.

When you first run any of the Gist or Github commands you will be prompted for your username, password and 2Factor code.

Entering correct account details will create a personal access token on your Github account. This personal access token is also copied to your local Git config, ~/.gitconfig, avoiding the need to prompt for your Github login details each time.

Managing your personal access token

If you are prompted to enter your personal access token in Emacs, then visit your Github profile page and view the personal acccess tokens section. Edit the token named git.el and regenerated the token. This will take you back to the personal access tokens page and display the new token for git.el. Copy this token into the [github] section of your ~/.gitconfig as follows

    user = jr0cket
    oauth-token = thisishweretherealtokenshouldbepasted

If git.el adds a password line to the [github] section of your ~/.gitconfig you should remove that password line. These Github actions only require your username and token.

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