Linting can show you syntax and style errors as you are typing your code. There are a few linters to choose from and I recommend using Joker as although it is not Clojure language complete, it does not reload your code in the REPL.

Current Recommendation

Eastwood is currently part of the Clojure layer, however, the Emacs integration with Squiggly reloads code into the repl. The currently suggested approach is to use Joker and clj-kondo together and only run Eastwood in a separate command line window. A PR to add all three linters as options on the Clojure layer is in discussion

Linter Description Integration
Eastwood Leiningen plugin that uses the tools.analyzer and tools.analyzer.jvm libraries to inspect namespaces and report possible problems. squiggly-clojure continually runs Eastwood in Emacs and does repeatedly reload your code in the repl. Currently this is the default linter in the Spacemacs Clojure layer Clojure layer
Joker Clojure interpreter and linter written in Go (not language complete, but has an unofficial layer, no side effects) Unofficial clojure-lint layer
clj-kondo A new linter written in Clojure and rapidly adding new features flycheck-clj-kondo

Existing approach

Eastwood provides a very comprehensive feedback on linting and is very useful to run before pushing commits to a shared repository.

Eastwood and squiggly-clojure are part of the Clojure layer, so you only need to enable them.

See the section on Eastwood for more details.

Repeatedly reloads your code

To run Eastwood automatically from Emacs it will repeatedly reload your code in the REPL, so you need to ensure your code is happy with being reloaded constantly.

Alternatively, you can just run Eastwood separately in a command line window.

Unofficial clojure-lint layer

Joker for fast feedback during coding and gives a good experience. There are some false positives to configure, but the install is fairly straight forward with the unofficial clojure-lint layer.

Joker is the linter I use most often and is fairly easy to install

New linter clj-kondo

Although clj-kondo is a new project, it is very exciting and is building a lot of features that are not in Joker. It is worthwhile installing clj-kondo along-side Joker for the moment.

No Spacemacs layer exists, although there are Spacemacs specific instructions be able to be added via additional packages.

There are advantages to running clj-kondo and joker together.

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