Live linting with clj-kondo

clj-kondo is a linter that can be called from flycheck, providing live static code analysis on your Clojure code as you type. Simple open any Clojure file (.clj, .cljs, .cljc, .edn) and start typing. clj-kondo does not need a running Clojure REPL to work.

When errors are detected by the linter a red dot appears in the margin showing the line. A red underscore shows where on the line the issue is. Moving the cursor to the underscore will show a pop-up describing the error.

The total number of errors and warnings are show in in the Space bar.

clj-kondo linter

Add spacemacs specific images


  1. syntax-checking layer is present in dotspacemacs-configuration-layers, which provides flycheck.
  2. clj-kondo is available on PATH (see clj-kondo install instructions).
  3. Spacemacs develop branch as of September 2019 or later

Configure Spacemacs Clojure layer with clj-kondo

Add a variable called clojure-enable-linters to the clojure with the value 'clj-kondo.

    (clojure :variables
             clojure-enable-linters 'clj-kondo)

SPC q r to restart Spacemacs (or simply SPC f e R to reload the configuration)


This configuration approach for clj-kondo is broken if you also include the unofficial clojure-lint layer that can provide Joker. clj-kondo has superseded joker in functionality.

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