Installing Spacemacs

Once you have a copy of Spacemacs in ~/.emacs.d, then run Emacs to install and configure the basics of Spacemacs.

Evil or Holy mode

You are prompted to select either the Evil or Holy mode. Selecting Evil mode will set Vi to be the default way of using Emacs, however Emacs mode is also available via C-z.

If you select just holy mode then only Emacs mode is available as Evil mode will not be installed.

If you definately do not want Vi or Evil mode, then select Holy Mode.

Spacemacs - selecting Holy mode

Note: If you use Holy Mode then you should use M-x to bring up the commands menu, rather than SPC

Spacemacs Full or Light

The full version of Spacemacs is still really lightweight, so I suggest sticking with that unless you are going to do some major customisation of Spacemacs configuration itself.

Spacemacs is ready for action

Now you should have Spacemacs up and running and ready to take on the world.

In the next section we will configure Spacemacs for Clojure.

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