Line Numbers

Line numbers can be toggled for individual buffers via the Spacemacs toggle menu or can be set permanently on in the .spacemacs file so all buffers show line numbers.

Line numbers can be the normal sequential numbers or be relative to the current position.

With relative numbering, the current line number is shown in the gutter and all other numbers are relative to the number of lines away they are from the current number. Relative numbering is useful for jumping to different parts of your file or running commands on a number of lines (eg. delete, indent)

Avy goto line is an efficient alternative to line numbers, allowing you to jump to any visible line in any visible buffer. Run avy goto line with SPC j i and then use the character line number to jump to the line you want.

Toggling line numbers per buffer

You can toggle line numbers with SPC t n or relative line numbers (linum) with SPC t r

Spacemacs Emacs Description
SPC t n M-m t n Toggle line numbers
SPC t r M-m t r Toggle relative line numbers

Spacemacs - Toggle menu

Setting Line numbers for all buffers

If the value of dotspacemacs-line-numbers is set to something other than nil then line numbers are turned on in all modes that are in either prog-mode or text-mode If the value is set to relative, then relative line numbers are turned on for all these modes.

Open the .spacemacs file (SPC f e d) and search (/ or C-s) for dotspacemacs-line-numbers

For line numbers, set the value to true

dotspacemacs-line-numbers t

For relative line numbers, set the value to relative

dotspacemacs-line-numbers 'relative

If you want to turn line numbers off for all buffers by default, set the value back to the default nil value.

dotspacemacs-line-numbers nil

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