Spacemacs Options

HINT For a complete overview, see the dotfile configuration section of the Spacemacs documentation.

The very first time Spacemacs starts up, it will ask you several questions and then install the ~/.spacemacs in your HOME directory.

This file allows you to manually add layers to Spacemacs, although as we will see layers can also be added automatically.

The ~/.spacemacs configuration file is composed of three sections

  • dotspacemacs/layers - add features to spacemacs using layers. A layer can contain elisp configuration and packages from Melpa/Elpa. Individual Emacs packages can also be added (if they do not exist in any layer)
  • dotspacemacs/init - configuration applied when Spacemacs first starts, eg evil or holy mode(emacs), themes, fonts, full screen, recent files, etc
  • dotspacemacs/config - additional layer configuration or your own customisations

The (emacs) keybindings for dotspacemacs are

Spacemacs Emacs Description
SPC f e d M-m f e d open the ~/.spacemacs file
SPC f e R M-m f e R reload the configuration from ~/.spacemacs

Some changes in the ~/.spacemacs file still require a restart of Emacs , especially when pulling in a large number of packages in a layer.

Spacemacs configure layers

The init.el file has long been the entry point for your Emacs configuration with many different ways to setup an Emacs configuration. With Spacemacs you have the .spacemacs file and layers, giving a very structured approach that is easy to follow.

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