Switch to Spacemacs develop branch

Until the release of Spacemacs 0.300 it is highly recommended to use the Spacemacs develop branch.

If you have installed the default Spacemacs master branch, follow these steps to switch smoothly to Spacemacs develop branch.

Clean the Spacemacs install

If you made changes to the ~/.spacemacs file, them move the file or rename it. Otherwise delete the ~/.spacemacs file.

Delete the ~/.emacs.d directory or just the ~/emacs.d/elpa/ directory.

Install the Spacemacs develop branch

If you deleted the ~/.emacs.d directory, clone the Spacemacs develop branch

git clone -b develop https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs ~/.emacs.d

If you did not delete the ~/.emacs.d/ directory, change the Git branch to develop

cd ~/.emacs.d/
git checkout -b develop

Update the Spacemacs configuration

If you have changes from the original Spacemacs install:

SPC D f f to open ediff with the new ~/.spacemacs file and your backup file.

Copy changes to the new ~/.spacemacs.

n, p navigates (down/up) between each difference in the file. a and b copies a change from one file to the other. Accept all the changes from the template unless you know you made a specific change to your .spacemacs file.

? to list the diff commands (when the cursor is in window 3)

q to quit the ediff session (when the cursor is in window 3) and SPC f s to save the .spacemacs file.

Start / Restart Spacemacs

Start (or restart) Emacs to use the develop version of Spacemacs. This will download a large number of packages and may take a few minutes.

Once all the packages are downloaded, SPC q r (emacs-restart) to ensure all packages downloaded successfully and are loaded in the correct order.

You are now ready to enjoy Spacemacs develop.

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