About this workshop

This is an introduction to developing Clojure applications using Emacs, specifically based on the Spacemacs configuration for Emacs and CIDER. The aim is to help you be productive with those tools as quickly as possible.

Spacemacs is a community-driven project that provides a simple way to add lots of extra functionality to Emacs, without having to manage packages yourself or spend time writing common configuration code.

Topics covered in Workshop

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Adding the Clojure layer
  • Running the REPL & evaluating code
  • Running tests & test reports
  • Structural editing (smartparens and lisp mode fun)
  • Emacs common commands
  • Emacs cool stuff (multiple cursors, kill-ring / visual undo
  • Clojure docs, auto-completion, snippets
  • Clojure refactoring with clj-refactor
  • Clojurescript development, figwheel and chestnut template
  • Org-mode for project documentation, literate programming & presentations
  • debugging basics (I rarely use the debugger so if anyone is willing to show how they use the debugger, please speak up).

This is not a guide to customising Emacs for Clojure development, except were there are useful additions to be made to Spacemacs and the Clojure layer.

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