Contributing to the guide

Contributions to the content of this workshop are welcome, either via

By submitting content ideas and corrections you are agreeing they can be used in this workshop under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Attribution will be detailed in the contributors section of this workshop.

Any contributors will be noted in the contributors section.

Thank you.

Contributing to Spacemacs

The Spacemacs contribution guidelines details how to get help, report issues and contribute to the project.

SPC h I to raise an issue on the Spacemacs GitHub issue tracker, automatically including your Spacemacs and Operating system details.

Please review issues and leave feedback, especially confirming issues are reproducible on your Spacemacs configuration. SPC h d s to include your system configuration.

Contribute changes via pull requests: 1) Fork the Spacemacs project on GitHub and clone your fork 2) Create a new branch from the develop branch (SPC g s for magit status, b c to create a new branch) 3) Make changes and update relevant README files and the CHANGELOG.develop file 4) Commit changes to the new branch and push to your fork. 5) Visit your fork on GitHub and create a pull request (or setup forge and create PR from Magit)

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