Spacemacs Documentation

There is very comprehensive documentation on the Spacemacs website and that same information is also built in to Spacemacs itself, so you can always access it when you offline.

The Spacemacs Quick Start guide gives an overview of how to configure and learn Spacemacs. The Spacemacs documentation covers all aspects of Spacemacs in more detail.

Spacemacs built in documentation is accessible via:

Spacemacs Emacs Command
SPC h SPC M-m h SPC M-x helm-spacemacs-help

Keybinding guide

SPC means to press the spacebar

A character by itself means press that key by itself, eg. h means press the h key

M-m means to hold the meta key down and press the m key

M-x means hold the meta key down and press the x key

The meta key is typically Alt on Linux/PC, Opt on MacOSX

Spacemacs in action

If you like to see Spacemacs in action, then you should watch the series of Spacemacs ABC videos on Youtube. These videos walk you thought the common features of Spacemacs in alphabetical order.

There are also short screencasts of Spacemacs that accompany this book (work in progress).

Emacs Wiki

Most of the classic documentation about Emacs is also relevant to Spacemacs, after all its Emacs underneath. Many of the packages used in Spacemacs are also documentation on the Emacs Wiki, so its devinately worth browsing (especially if you are going to customise Spacemacs).

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