Workshop Conventions

Keybinding conventions

Spacemacs provides a global menu where you can access all the features using a mnemonic, text based menu. Its the recommended starting point for those new to Spacemacs.

Spacemacs Emacs Major mode Evil Command Description
Spacemacs main menu Emacs keybinding Major mode specific menu Emacs normal mode keybinding Name of Emacs command Description of command


Access the global menu from Vim normal mode, via SPC

Emacs (any mode)

Access the global menu as with the Spacemacs bindings, available in any mode via M-m

Major Mode

Access features specific to the current major mode.

For example when you have a Clojure file or REPL buffer open you can access a Clojure specific menu using M-RET in Emacs mode or , in Vim normal mode.

Having a major mode specific menu removes the need to use SPC m in Vim normal mode or M-m in Emacs mode.

Evil (normal mode)

Vim normal mode specific short-cuts to access Spacemacs features


The name of the command.

Use this approach there is no menu item or if you want to know what command a keybinding calls.

Use commands with SPC SPC in Vim normal mode or M-x in any mode.

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