Changing History

The need to change history in Git should be minimal and should limited to fixing errors made in previous commits on your local repository.

Here are a few simple tools to help you change your local history.

Consentual Shared Remote History rewriting

If you need to change commit history on a share repository then think about how many people it is going to affect. If you really must change a shared git history, get consent from the people you will affect first.

It is much simpler to commit a new change that fixes the omission or error and let others pull that additional change.

Tools for changing history

Tool Magit Description
Amend c a including all staged changes to the HEAD commit and edit the commit message (replaces HEAD commit)
Reword c w edit the commit message, ignore any staged changes (replaces HEAD commit)
Extend c e immediately add all staged files to the HEAD commit (replaces HEAD commit)
Squash c s see interactive rebasing
Auto-squash c S see interactive rebasing
Fixup c f see interactive rebasing
Auto-fixup c F see interactive rebasing

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