Magit Status Fullscreen

Magit status in fullscreen mode provides lots of space to work with changes. Leaving Magit status, q, returns you to the window layout from which you came.

Fullscreen is configured by adding the git-magit-status-fullscreen variable to the git layer.

If you are using the Enhance Clojure experience then this is already configured.

Configure fullscreen for Magit Status

Open the .spacemacs file via SPC f e d (M-m f e d Emacs state)

Use / and start typing configuration-layers to search for the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers section. RTN confirms the search text and n jumps to the next occurance, N jumps to the previous occurrence.

     (git :variables
          git-magit-status-fullscreen t
          git-enable-github-support t
          git-gutter-use-fringe t)

Reload the configuration or Restart Spacemacs

For the changes to take effect, either reload the ~/.spacemacs configuration using SPC f e R or restart Spacemacs SPC q r.

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