Highlight Version Control Changes

There are several ways to highlight changes in the files working copy against git commits in Spacemacs.

Git fringe is a subtle indicator of changes.

Highlighting with Smeargle is a very distinct visualisation of change history, highlighting changes over time.

Git Fringe

SPC T d toggles version control fringe

Configure fringe in Git layer

The git layer can be configured to show version changes in the fringe Can use either git or version-control layers to add a fringe ```elisp dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '( (git :variables git-gutter-use-fringe t)

 (version-control :variables
                  version-control-diff-tool 'diff-hl
                  version-control-global-margin t)


Check the git layer and my .spacemacs file for configuration options TODO: choose one or the other approach

SPC g H Highlighting with Smeargle

Smeargle is a package that provides highlighting regions by last updated time. Older changes have a opaque white background and newer regions have a darker background. This is supposed to help you just focus on newer changes, as older changes are subtly faded into the background.

Smeargle example

Smeargle Transient State


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