Code folding

Code folding allows you to collapse a code block onto one line, allowing you to see more of your code in the window. A code block for Clojure includes def, defn and the threading macros -> and -->.

FIXME TODO: Add a video of Code folding in action

Code Fold Transient State

You can use a transient state for folding code via SPC z ., which seems to be most useful when reviewing code.

Spacemacs - Zoom - Code Fold transient state

Evil Normal state

When actively developing or refactoring code, the Vim normal state has code folding commands via the z key as follows

Evil state Command Description
z c evil-close-fold Folds a code block
z o evil-open-fold Opens a folded code block
z a evil-toggle-fold Toggle fold for current code block
z r evil-open-folds Opens all folded code blocs
z m evil-close-folds Folds all code blocks in buffer

Spacemacs Zoom menu

Code folding options

Spacemacs uses evil folding by default and you can easily switch to use origami. Origami adds a recursive open and close, and what it calls an org-mode header collapse (although these didnt seem to work on my Clojure code). Origami seems less useful for Clojure than evil-fold, as folding seems to only work at the top level.

Edit your .spacemacs file and update dotspacemacs-folding-method 'origami.

Changing this setting will download the origami package, so I suggest restarting Emacs, SPC q r, rather than just reloading the configuration.

If Origami allows you to write your own parser should you need to teach it a different way to folding your code. The website

There is also evil-vimish-fold which some have commented to be really good for every language, however, I dont think this has been added to Spacemacs as a layer yet. I could be doing something wrong, or the Clojure parser for origami needs tweeking. I would love to see the argument list still shown when folding, as an example. To try the evil-vimish-fold package without a layer, you can add it to your .spacemacs file as follows 1) add the package name evil-vimish-fold to dotspacemacs-additional-packages 2) add (evil-vimish-fold-mode 1) to user-config

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