Navigating Expressions

Jumping between expressions and within nested expressions is an effective way to navigate your Clojure code

Some emacs keybinding

Emacs Command Description
C-M-a backward-sentence Jump to start or previous sentence (expression or comment)
C-M-e forward-sentence Jump to end of or next sentence (expression or comment)
C-M-n forward-list Move forward over a parenthetical group
C-M-p backward-list Move backward over a parenthetical group
C-M-f forward-sexp Move forward over a balanced expression
C-M-b backward-sexp Move backward over a balanced expression
C-k Kill to end of line (kill to end of expression in smartparens strict)
C-M-k kill-sexp Kill balanced expression forward
C-M-SPC mark-sexp Put the mark at the end of the sexp

Jumping around

TODO: Video of jumping around

HINT Also see Lisp State and avvy-jump


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