Org-mode: Headings

You can easily organise and present information by using headings. As headings expand and fold, you can show just the level of information you need at any particular time.

Spacemacs Org-mode headings

Videos required to really do this justice

Create a new heading

There seem to be quite a few ways to create a heading and the same commands will do slightly different things based on context, i.e. if they cursor is on a heading or in a table.

Simplest keybinding to create a new heading is , RET. If the line is blank a main heading is created. If inside a sub-heading, a new sub-heading at the same level is created.

, M-RET or M-RET M-RET also creates a new heading. I find this a bit weird, so maybe there is a better way.

Collapse / Expand headings

TAB expands / collapses the heading at the current cursor position.

S-TAB will cycle through expanding and collapsing headings at different levels.

Moving headings and content around

Keybinding Description
M-h or M-🡄 Increase the level of the heading
M-l or M-🡆 Decrease the level of the heading
M-S-h,M-S-🡄 Increase the level of the heading and sub-headings
M-S-l or M-S-🡆 Decrease the level of the heading and sub-headings
M-k or M-🡅 Move heading up within the same level
M-j or M-🡇 Move heading down within the same level
M-S-k or M-S-🡅 Move heading up, jumping over parent headings
M-S-j or M-S-🡇 Move heading down, jumping over parent headings

Moving headings with sub-headings

If a heading you wish to change contains sub-headings, then also use the SHIFT key and all the sub-headings will change along with the heading under the cursor. Without shift, the heading may not change.

Arrows and other unicode symbols

SPC i u shows a helm popup allowing you to add a symbol by name. All the symbol names are listed along with the symbol itself.

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