Linking to files and websites

, i L adds an org-mode style link using the current value of the clipboard using org-cliplink.

, i l adds an org-mode style link to your org files. Links to files will open in Spacemacs and website links will open in your default browser.

C-y pastes the contents of the kill ring into the link prompt, so you can easily copy/paste URL's from your browser.

The Link prompt also provides a history of links you have added.

Spacemacs org-cliplink

Help linking to files

SPC a o l / M-x org-store-link function gets the path and filename of the current file, appending the contents of the current line of that file to the link.

, i l will show the stored link in the helm prompt for the Link.

M-x org-insert-last-stored-link will also add a link to a file using the information from org-store-link.

Add keybinding to Spacemacs org layer

Create a pull request with a keybinding for org-insert-last-stored-link

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