Refactor Clojure Code

The Spacemacs Clojure layer includes comprehensive support for refactoring Clojure and ClojureScript code. Refactoring mainly comes from the clj-refactor package.

The refactor commands extend the code management tools you get with clojure-mode, CIDER and structural editing.

This section covers the most commonly used refactor commands, there is also a full list of refactorings on the clj-refactor wiki.

Refactoring tools are included in the Spacemacs clojure layer

CIDER and clj-refactor packages provide tools for refactoring Clojure and ClojureScript code. These packages are included in the Clojure layer and require no further configuration.

Refactor menu

The refactor functions are available via the Spacemacs menu or Clojure major mode. The Emacs keybinding are also available but not covered in detail here.

Spacemacs Major Mode (Evil) Major mode (holy) Emacs
SPC m r , r M-RET r C-c C-f

The top level refactor menu is as follows:

Spacemacs Clojure menu - refactor

Multiple refactoring with Hydra and clj-refactor

You can run multiple refactor functions using the Hydra menu for clj-refactor. The hydra menu stays open allowing you to use the two character nemonic for each refactor.

The hydra version of the clj-refactor menu is available via C-c C-f h h.

clj-refactor hydra menu

Add Spacemacs keybindings for clj-refactor hydra

There does not seem to be a keybinding in the spacemacs menu, so it may require a pull request

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